В этом смысле да
an intersectional Play

Ju Bavyka and Masha Beketova



The authors Маша и Ю met in 2022 at the PostOst Kongress in a small town in Germany, Гёттинген, where a bunch of people, queer and non-queer, with cultural connections to the former European East оттуда were trying to figure out what      connects us beyond the usual migrant identity concepts (if anything). Masha has cultural ties to Ukraine and lives in Berlin, Germany. Ju has cultural ties to Kazakhstan and Germany and lives in Sydney, Australia, on Gadigal Land. At the Kongress the question of queerness presented itself as the most fragile and the least important one: in the context of the intergenerational migrant trauma on one hand, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine on the other. Nonetheless, the authors are interested exactly in this queerness, when developing out of 1368 text messages, 56 photos, 6 videos and 8 voice messages, 30 links and one gif over multiple time zones sent to each other in the months after the Kongress the experimental text, here called В этом смысле да. an intersectional Play.


Keywords: multilingualism, collective autotheory, desire, artistic/scholarly, localisation