Issue 9, 2014

Guest-edited by
Michael O’Rourke, Kamillea Aghtan and Karin Sellberg 



The Big Secret About Queer Theory…
Michael O’Rourke

Tears of Reign: Big Sovereigns Do Cry
Kathleen Biddick

Eszter Timár

Fluid Truth
Shannon Bell

Soma rhei, or the New Vision of Porn
Tomasz Kaliściak & Tomasz Sikora

Michael O’Rourke

Exchanging Bodily Fluids: Transubstantiations in Contemporary Pornography
Helen Hester

Creative Aproduction: Mucous and the Blank
Patricia MacCormack & Ruth McPhee


Being and Slime: An Alluvial Introduction
Karin Sellberg & Kamillea Aghtan

Feminism and New Materialism: The Matter of Fluidity
Elizabeth Stephens

Excremental Eros: Pleasurable Decomposition and The Lesbian Body
Mary Catherine Foltz

The Darkness Within
Ian Haig

Tender Fluid Machines
Ania Chromik

Economies of Fear: Menstrual Blood and Psi as War-Machines in s Horror
Maria Parson

The Body that “Melted into the Carpet”: Mortal Stains and Domestic Dissolution in Carol Morley’s Dreams of a Life
Rose Deller

Fluid Fat: Considerations of Culture and Corporeality
Karin Sellberg & Ann Sellberg