Creative Aproduction: Mucous and the Blank

Patricia MacCormack & Ruth McPhee



This article will be catalysed by mucous in order to think a form of abstracted queer ahuman “heterosexuality”. As mucous is neither gendered nor emitted from a specific corporeal site, it is effulgent, viscous emergence without finitude. The article will suggest that a hitherto fluidic symbol of finitude – male ejaculate – can be liberated from the conceptual apprehension conveyed in its nomenclature through the figure of the vasectomised male body. We argue that a comingling of abstract feminine fluid and male fluid abstracted from its need for spermatozoa content is a creative act which avoids the foils of heterosexuality’s resonance with reproduction, both of act and human procreation. This is a radical anti-breeder project seeking to liberate the ecosophical chaos, the virtual potentiality of all interrelated elements of life in nature, from the parasite of the human and its continuation, in a broader sense, vasectomised ejaculate affirms an ahuman sexuality which demands a confrontation with the horror of the non- or anti-breeder male, and with the act of love for the chaosium, a mucosal plane formed of intermixed feminine fluid and the discharge of potent blanks.


Keywords: mucous, vasectomised ejaculate, aproduction, queer, ahuman “heterosexuality