The Darkness Within

Ian Haig



Mucoid plaque is quite possibly the most disturbing of all body fluids, due largely to its unclassifiability. Unlike the secretions of tears, semen, urine, vomit and a host of other corporeal substances with a clearly understood bodily and biological purpose, the function of mucoid plaque is more mysterious and ambiguous. The alternative medicine fraternity claim that this disgusting material resides deep in our bowels, polluting our interiors with tentacles of pure abjection. It builds up as a lining along the colon walls of toxic material, harboring all manner of parasites, impacted fecal matter and colonic sludge. Mucoid plaque is post-shit – no mere excrement here – for mucoid plaque is shit transformed into an entirely new monster from the depths of your colon. The theory is mucoid plaque develops over a number of years as layers of mucus and food residue begins to coat the gastrointestinal tract. It is eliminated through colon cleansing, and a variety of herbal products targeted to cleanse the body of harmful plaques. Nonetheless, it appears that mucoid plaque is generated by the body to protect itself from infection and is, after all, a sign of the body doing its job.

In the end, mucoid plaque is possibly death incarnate, a death that we carry around with us every day in the form of a bodily fluid that we are only just beginning to see, let alone understand


Keywords: mucoid plaque, colon, pollution, death, art