Fluid Truth

Shannon Bell



The action-image of female ejaculation is a spectacular rupturing of almost any hegemonic porn discourse in which it is located, producing a conflict between sensory regimes – that is, between representation grounded in the hegemonic “logic of arkhê” and the aesthetic regime of politics that makes visible a new truth, in this case, a new truth about what a female body can do. This “rupture in the relationship between sense and sense” – between what is enacted and what is seen, “between what is seen and what is thought, and between what is thought and what is felt” (Rancière, 2010, p.143) (porn viewer thought: she is doing it for me) – is so pronounced that, I would argue, female ejaculation – shooting hot sticky liquid out of the glands and ducts that surround one’s urethra, through the urethra, with great velocity, again and again and again, trumping the male body again and again, hyperdeflating the prized male money shot in porn, flooding the image market with female fluid –breaks any “regime of meaning” (Rancière, 2010, p.144) in which it finds itself.  The very sight of female ejaculation puts sexuated male and female bodies at risk: corporeal bodies of multiple genders have the same erectile and ejaculatory capacities.


Keywords: female ejaculation, fluid, genital mucous secretions, female body, film