Od „wroga rodziny” do jednej z jej form. Rodziny z wyboru we współczesnym polskim dyskursie prasowym

Joanna Mizielińska i Agata Stasińska

Polska Akademia Nauk i Szkoła Wyższa Psychologii Społecznej; Uniwersytet Warszawski



In our article we present the results of the analysis of press discourse concerning families of choice in Poland. We make a comparison between two debates over two projects of same-sex partnership law (written, respectively, by senator Maria Szyszkowska in 2003-2004 and the Initiative Group for Same-Sex Partnership in 2011,) as well as between two debates regarding social campaigns: “Let Them See Us” (2003) and “Love Does Not Exclude” (2010-2011.) The aim of our analysis was to identify strategies that dominate in public discourse as well as to follow through the dynamics of their changes in an attempt to answer the question what/who generates these changes. In our article we point out how paradoxical/surprising the similarities can be between those who are against LGBT relationships and those who defend them. We reflect upon both the (un)effectiveness of some argumentation strategies and the dangers of using them.


Keywords: families of choice; discourse; non-heterosexual families; intimate relations; gay parenting