Poza „bezpieczniejszym seksem” – bareback i fetyszyzacja seksu bez zabezpieczenia

Rafał Majka

SWPS Uniwersytet Humanistycznospołeczny



The article, “Beyond ‘Safer Sex’ – Bareback and the Fetishisation of Unprotected Sex,” is a critical genealogy of the Western gay post-subculture of barebacking, which emerged during the 90s as a reaction to the pathologization of non-normative sexual practices in the public discourse of HIV/AIDS prevention as well as the heteronormativization of the gay identity by the assimilative LGBT movement; also, it can be read as a breaking away from the – imposed by the dominant (biomedical and social) discursive configuration – narrative of an already (or not yet) socially discarded, and always already deadly (because constructed through the experiences of vulnerability and risk), gay identity. I propose a reading of the post-subculture of barebacking and the bareback porn as a cultural critique of the hegemonic institutional and ideological status quo of the modern world-system with its heteronormative public health discourse, heteroreproductive social and political philosophies, philosophy of neoliberal individualism, and normative discourse of morality.