Dzieci, kochanki, kochankowie, rodzice, przyjaciele – i znowu dzieci. Definicje własne rodziny u osób określających się jako otwarcie niemonogamiczne

Katarzyna Michalczak

Uniwersytet Warszawski



This article attempts to answer the question what are the family definitions of persons who maintain openly non-monogamous relationships. In the theoretical part of this article I examine the difficulties and controversies around defining family. I also present the overview of research on non-monogamous persons’ families. The second part of this article refers to my own study of non-monogamous people in Poland, particularly their family notions. First I briefly describe the methodology, research techniques and sample group, then I present my study results. I concentrate on how my respondents understand family and how these definitions relate to the notions of “family of blood” and “family of choice” (Weston, za: Mizielińska 2006). I also focus on the question of the role of children in the family as defined by non-monogamous persons


Keywords: definition of the family; nonmonogamy; polyamory