Kształtowanie się płci kulturowej dzieci w rodzinach jednopłciowych. Wpływ tożsamości seksualnej na postrzeganie ról płciowych

Katarzyna Banach

Uniwersytet Warszawski



The aim of this paper is to present an overview of research on gender identity development of children raised either in same-sex families or by a non-heterosexual parent. Not only is it significant to explore whether the families under consideration socialise their children in any different way than heterosexual parents do. It is also worth investigating whether or not children from non-heteronormative families exhibit any traits stereotypically ascribed to their sex/gender to a greater extent than their peers from heterosexual families. As it turns out, stronger gender nonconformity of children from non-heterosexual families may be one of very few differences between children from these two family models.


Keywords: socialization; gender; gender socialization; gender identity; single-sex families