Issue 2, 2007

*Peer-reviewed articles contain an abstract and keywords.

  • Editorial #2  (html) 
  • At What Price the Media Spotlight?  (html) 
    Julie Land
  • ”Americans Don’t Want Cowboys to Be Gay:” ”Brokeback Mountain” and the Oscars  (html) 
    William Glass
  • Gay Pride and its Adverse  (html) 
    Jonah Winn-Lentsky
  • Kilka węgierskich queerobrazów  (html) 
    Katarzyna Pabijanek
  • Neoliberalism and its Homophobic Discontents (html)
    Volker Woltersdorff aka Lore Logorrhöe
  • Post-colonial historiography, queer historiography  (html) 
    Howard Hsueh-Hao Chiang
  • Queerspace: Sexualized spaces revisited  (html) 
    Diepiriye Sungumote Kuku-Siemons
  • ‘Sexuality is fluid’, or or is it? An analysis of television’s The L Word from the perspectives of gender and sexuality  (html) 
    Niina Kuorikoski
  • The Limits of Virtual Memory  (html) 
    Toby Beauchamp
  • Towards a Philosophy of Queer Alterity. Faith and Democracy  (html) 
    Tomek Kitlinski, Pawel Leszkowicz
  • Straight macho nationalism  (html) 
    Henning Fischer
  • Distorted Autobiography – Self-portrayal and Self-censorship in Gay Memoirs  (html) 
    Iwona Rentflejsz
  • The pezula and me  (html) 
    Tzannis Sifneos
  • From there to Rehearsing Sex: A space of freedom among theory and the dead meandering to assist with resistance  (html) 
    Christiana Lambrinidis
  • Recenzja: Wolność, równość, odmienność. Nowe ruchy społeczne w Polsce początku XXI wieku.  (html) 
    Ania Gruszczyńska