a journal of queer studies

Editorial #2

Even a cursory look at the table of contents will tell the reader that the current issue of InterAlia has not been structured around one unifying theme, but rather it reflects what we believe to be one of queer studies’ greatest assets: its vibrant diversity. The wide range of subjects covered in this issue includes post-colonial history, theories of democracy, state and nation, queer visibility in the media and in public spaces, queer self-presentations, types and strategies of LGBTQ activism in different political contexts, queer art, queer theatre, and queer spirituality. But it is not only the subject matter where diversity is to be found: the reader will easily notice the trans-national character of the studies presented in this issue, with geo-political contexts that include Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, India, Iran, Poland, and the USA. Last but not least, we are happy to welcome a variety of disciplines and methodologies represented here, as we believe that such cross-disciplinary perspectives open up new ways of knowing and doing. While some authors seem to adhere to their discipline’s established norms and standards, others tend to veer off in the direction of essayistic or creative writing. We find all these attempts fascinating and we hope that InterAlia’s continuing emphasis on trans-national and cross-disciplinary approaches will contribute to creative cross-seminations of ideas, methods, styles, and strategies.
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