“AIDES is an organization of seroconcerned people”: An interview with Dr Bruno Spire

Rafał Majka

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Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University





Rafał Majka: AIDES was founded several decades ago, in 1984. Throughout the years, it has gained a lot of experience and knowledge and has always been eager to share. The founder of AIDES, Daniel Defert, sought to create “a place of reflection, solidarity and transformation.” How have the ideas been practiced by AIDES?


Bruno Spire: Solidarity came first. The first actions were performed under the umbrella of solidarity. People were very shocked by the new epidemic in the 1980s and everybody in AIDES knew someone who got infected or was personally confronted with HIV. A lot of people were diagnosed with HIV, and nobody knew what to do, so there was a need of support in a time when families were excluding people with HIV…