Entre lo queer y lo cuir: arte, política y críticas pedagógicas en Argentina

Juan Péchin

Universidad de Buenos Aires



The Argentinian territorialization of the queer perspective articulated the academy with social, TLGB and human rights movements. Empowered by trans/transvestite policies against police and institutional repression, the queer critique made visible the hierarchy produced by the sex-generic differences through the social maps traced by the class, ethnic and age stratifications. The law that expanded marriage irrespective of the sex of its partners (2010) and the Gender Identity Law (2012), among others, challenge and impact the institutional implementation of Integral Sexual Education in the face of the tension between the identitarian normalization of differences and the systematic questioning and disassembly of (a)normalization dynamics. This work proposes a political genealogy of the first territorializations of the queer perspective in Argentina to reflect on the articulation of activism and social movements with the institutional mechanisms of production, legitimation and circulation of knowledge in a sex-generic key.


Keywords: (a)normalization; sex(ual) education; identities; differences; inequalities