La educación como espacio de resistencia. Una propuesta desde las Artes y la Educación Social asentada en la pedagogía queer (pedagoqueer)

Irene Escudero Ledesma




In this moment we attend to the survival of the modern educational institution, established in an archaic and closed curriculum that generates educational and pedagogical practices which perpetuate a rule related to the body, sexual attraction and identity, and reproduce a violent discourse towards the reality that subverts the rule.Therefore, educative practices have to claim for a new perspective established in a postmodern, transfeminist, and queer education. Hence, this proposal advocates a new view: the pedagoqueer or queer pedagogy. This new perspective proposes a space of resistance against the heterocisexist rule, seeking to break it up in order to introduce new models of bodies, sexual attractions and identities. In this way, the article will investigate the conceptualization of the queer pedagogy, considering the social education and the artistic education as key strategies for the break with the heterocis-rule.


Keywords: education; no heterocis-rule; queer pedagogy; social education; artistic education