Przeciw metodologii?

Monika Kłosowska

Uniwersytet Warszawski



In the article I critically examine my own research process based on unstructured interviews concerning the interviewees’ lives as women. Inspired by feminist methodology and, above all, by queer theory, I reassess my prior resolutions. I pay attention to the ethical problems ensuing from the interviewer-interviewee relation, particularly in cases involving deep intimacy and sexual relations before, during, or after the interview. Having contemplated the experiences of foreign academics, I arrive at the conclusion that only revealing the context of the conversation in the form of a commentary and publishing the full, unedited interview can make the interviewer-interviewee relation less hierarchical, though even this is not enough to dispel all the moral dilemmas accompanying social research.


Keywords: social science; queer methodology; autoethnography; ethics; non-hierarchicality