Intersectionalities, dis/abilities and subjectification in deaf LGBT people: An exploratory study in Sicily

Claudio Cappotto and Cirus Rinaldi

Frederic II University of Naples; University of Palermo



The article discusses the multiple discrimination, normalization and stigmatization experienced by deaf LGBT youth in Sicily, Italy, on the basis of a study of their everyday life (specifically school years and peer interactions). So far in Italy, very little attention has been paid to multiple discrimination and, specifically, to homophobic violence towards disabled individuals. It is, therefore, impossible to consider any valid sampling of the desired population and very few reports have been produced. The authors, a sociologist and a psychologist, carry out an analysis of the results obtained from interviews with 15 LGBT individuals recruited through social networks, thematic chats, and associations. This preliminary analysis aims at identifying the key arguments which could form the basis for future strategic inclusion programs and further research projects.


Keywords: LGBT youth; disability; homophobia; normalization; intersectional analysis