„My się kochamy, jesteśmy parą gejów z pieskiem, a seksu nigdy nie uprawiamy”. Męskość i seksualność w perspektywie aktywistów ruchów queerowych w Polsce

Justyna Struzik

Uniwersytet Jagielloński



This article discusses the main characteristics of the politics of masculinity visible within Polish queer movements. In this paper I examine the way in which gay activists define and negotiate their identity and describe queer collective actions in reference to their gender dimension. The first part of the paper presents a summary of contemporary approaches towards masculinity and towards a gender perspective on social movements. In the second part, which is based on semi-structured interviews with queer activists, I draw on various attitudes of the respondents towards a greater visibility of gay identities, the presence of sexuality in the movements’ discourses and an internal differentiation of non-heteronormative masculinities.