Drag kings – kamp czy zaangażowanie polityczne? Analiza zjawiska drag na przykładzie polskich drag kingów

Iwona Stasik

Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza w Krakowie



This article focuses on the phenomenon of the drag king scene. The author attempts at answering whether drag kings stand-ups are pure amusement, camp performance, or, possibly, an instance of political involvement. The first part of the article examines the theoretical contexts of the performance in question as well as previous research findings. The second part demonstrates the scope of author’s individual studies which included the application of the ethnographic method, together with content analysis techniques, and semi-structured interviewing. The data was collected in 4 interviews with Polish drag king representatives, and in 55 recordings of various performances. The results of the research suggest that political involvement is deeply rooted in drag king stand-ups. However, it is not the only category that can be applied to describe them.