Sprawstwo praktyk komunikacyjnych a kształtowanie się męskiego habitusu w klasie szkolnej. Krytyczna analiza dyskursu

Sława Grzechnik

Uniwersytet Gdański



This article has explored and examined the ways of using the classroom language in primary school by Ethnography of communication (EC) and Critical discourse analysis (CDA). The classroom is a setting in which schoolboys and their social position are located. Causal force of the discursive space seems to be extremely effective in delimitation and incarceration of the mind. The position of every particular schoolboy (and schoolgirl) in this field is a result of the interaction between the specific rules of the field, language, interpretation and illusion. Masculine habitus is created not only by the way of using language and a spectrum of performative acts but also through the knowledge construction process during the learning practice. School is a special place where masculine habitus is produced and reproduced, day by day, according to the logic of the classroom field.