Issue 11a, 2016

Ugly Bodies: Queer Perspectives on Illness, Disability, and Aging

Introduction: Let’s Talk About (Crip) Sex
Tomasz Sikora, Dominika Ferens

Disability, Queer Phenomenology, and the Politics of Personhood
Thomas Abrams

Dangerous Bodies: Blackness, Fatness, and the Masculinity Dividend
Marta Usiekniewicz

A Possible Cripistemology of the Queer: Modes of Dismantling “Ability” and “Heterosexuality” in Transgender Autobiographies
Oindri Roy and Amith Kumar P.V.

Intersectionalities, dis/abilities and subjectification in deaf LGBT people: An exploratory study in Sicily
Claudio Cappotto and Cirus Rinaldi

Against the Ugliness of Age: Towards an Erotics of the Aging Sexual Body
Allison Moore and Paul Reynolds


Doing It Together, The Gay Way: Queer Coupling in Marilyn Hacker’s Love, Death, and the Changing of the Seasons and Carl Phillips’s Cortège
Jason Bryant

Straight Separatism: Ten Theses on the Queer Archive
Stanimir Panayotov


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