Issue 5, 2010

*Peer-reviewed articles contain an abstract and keywords.

  • Editorial #5  (html)
  • Back Seat Girls: Where Do Dykes Sit with Queer theory?  (html)
    Anne Harris
  • Polish-style queer, or: the modern closet  (html)
    Anna Laszuk
  • UFA IS TAO  (html)
    Agnieszka Weseli
  • Francja, 1870: znak lesbijski i jego ambiwalencje  (html)
    Przemysław Szczur
  • Enforcing Heterosexuality: Adapting Lillian Hellman’s ‘The Children’s Hour’ for the screen  (html)
    Will Glass
  • Female St. Sebastian: Parallel lines in the radical lesbian art of Gina Pane and Catherine Opie  (html)
    Paweł Leszkowicz
  • Barbie Girls Cabaret: An Introduction  (html)
    Marzena Lizurej
  • AniLid: A. Augspurg i L. Gustava Heymann – feministki i pacyfistki z przełomu wieków jako patronki współczesnego ruchu lesbijskiego w Niemczech  (html)
    Iwona Dadej
  • Kazik and Kazia: A symbolic gender change in the midst of the fight for independence of Poland  (html)
    Anna Nowakowska
  • Searching for a new quality – queer, gender and economics  (html)
    Maria Skóra
  • Is there a gay bias in queer studies?  (html)