Talking to You

Anchan/Anna Daučíková



This videowork is a joint effort of two artists living in different cultural geopolitical and social landscapes. Their choice to live openly nonbinary existences as transpersons in public space form both their creative approach and artistic practice. In the online video meeting, they opened the theme of communication in form of dialogue of gestures to express distinctive qualities of living “in between” normalized binary genders and at the criss cross of mental and bodily discourse within prescribed patriarchal dichotomies.

The video presented here is an excerpt of Talking to You, Anna Daučíková, 2021, Two-channel HD video, color, sound, 33 min. The art work is based on an online performance by Anchan and Tamarra, Yogyakarta-Prague, 24.09.2021.

The video excerpt is presented together with sign language interpretations in DGS and IS by Dana Cermane, produced for a workshop facilitated by Antkek Engel during the membra(I)nes conference (15 June, 2023, HGB Leipzig/Germany). Sign language interpretation is funded by Aktion Mensch.



Keywords: gesture communication, queering, non-binary, translation, precariousness