La irrupción de lo queer: Cuerpos abyectos y eróticas disidentes en los márgenes del cine argentino contemporáneo

Romina Smiraglia

Universidad de Buenos Aires



Facing a saturation of normative representations of gender and sexuality in the culture industry, the cinematographic discourse has managed, ever since the first decade of the XXI century in Argentina, to produce alternative images as regards genders, sexualities, erotic and affectionate bonds, family. This paper has the aim of setting the link between this phenomenon and the discussion on the emergence of the New Queer Cinema. For this purpose, a brief introduction is issued related to representations of intersex bodies thus presenting as corpus two films recently released in the country: XXY (Lucía Puenzo, 2007) y El último verano de la boyita (Julia Solomonoff, 2009).


Keywords: New Queer Cinema; intersex; gender; bodies; contemporary Argentine cinema