Fronteras epistemológicas coloniales de la teoría queer: mecanismos de producción de ausencias en la obra de Preciado

Blas Radi

Universidad de Buenos Aires



The paper brings forth and analyzes an example of the ways in which Hispanic Queer Theory colonizes trans* subjects and issues. It adopts Preciado’s Testo Junkie (2008) as a particularly relevant case study, due to its significance in the development of subsequent Latin American queer scholarship and activism. An array of critical tools offered by the epistemologies of the South and Trans* studies enable the study of the particular status allotted to trans* people in the Preciadist project. By focusing particularly on Preciado’s use of the pair “bio” and “techno/trans” throughout the work, and the various subject positions assigned to these categories, the paper exposes the colonialist structure that shapes the work, and the resulting appropriation and erasure of trans* people, particularly transsexuals. It contextualizes these operations in a broader queer academic tradition in which Preciado’s work is inscribed, and concludes with a reading of the queer/trans* scholarly relationship as a North/South dynamic.


Keywords: Testo Junkie; bio/techno; Preciado; colonialism; trans*