Produkcja podmiotów homonormatywnych? Dyskurs rynkowy wokół regulacji prawnej związków partnerskich w Polsce i małżeństw jednopłciowych w Stanach Zjednoczonych w 2013 roku

Monika Sznel

Uniwersytet Warszawski



May the free market play an emancipatory role for those who are at odds with the traditional model of gender roles? The article examines the debates on civil union legalization in Poland and same-sex marriages in the United States with respect to the potential free-market discourse’s impact on contemporary sexual citizenship. As it appears, the metropolitan concept of homonor¬mativity is a product of the free-market economy, while terms such as the “creative class”, “tolerance” or “diversity” constitute a global production of exclusive homonormative identity.


Keywords: civil unions; Poland; USA; neoliberalism; homonormativity