Mężczyźni z niepełnosprawnością fizyczną jako klienci agencji towarzyskich. Perspektywa pracownic seksualnych

Izabela Ślęzak

Uniwersytet Łódzki



Although scholars have increasingly been raising the topic of sexuality in recent years, the general knowledge within this field remains partial and based on stereotypes. The ways in which disabled persons fulfill their sexual needs are taboo, especially if they relate to other tabooed spheres, such as commercial sexual services. Meanwhile, the disabled are a category of clients who visit sex workers. As a result, we encounter a specific situation in which socially marginalized persons (sex workers) meet disabled individuals, who are not only socially excluded but also deprived of the means to fulfill their sexual needs. Presenting the perspective of women who, as providers of sexual services in escort agencies, have encountered disabled clients, this article examines the women’s perception of the disabled men’s sexual needs, and the way they define their role in fulfilling those needs. Furthermore, the article asks how the female sex workers’ perception of the disabled men’s bodies accounts for their reluctance to accept them as clients. The empirical data forming the basis of the article come from unstructured interviews focused on the female escort agency employees’ work situation. Analytical procedures associated with grounded theory were used to analyze the data.


Keywords: escort agencies; sex work; prostitution; men with disabilities; sexual needs