Issue 11b, 2016

queer wobec choroby, niepełnosprawności i starości

Let’s Talk About (Crip) Sex
Tomasz Sikora, Dominika Ferens

Robert McRuer

Sick versus Healthy: AIDS Metaphors and the Zombie Apocalypse in World War Z
Hubert Zięba

Lukas Moodysson’s Container: The Ugly Body’s Hump
Rafał Syska

Uncanny Erotics: On Hans Bellmer’s Souvenirs of the Doll
Jeremy Bell

Physically Disabled Men as Clients of Sex Agencies: The Perspective of Female Sex Workers
Izabela Ślęzak

From a Campy Burlesque to a (Post)Constructivist Performance: Miron Białoszewski’s Poetry on Wearing Dentures
Anna Filipowicz


The Future is Kid Stuff (Polish translation)
Lee Edelman

Bartleby and Michael K., or, Why Can only a Man become the Other?
Joanna Bednarek

Against Methodology?
Monika Kłosowska

“The East Will Be All That the West Is Not” – Queer Perspective on Japanese Freedoms and Subjugations
Paulina Szkudlarek

Queering Lesbian (Non)Identities in the Short Stories of Agnieszka Kłos
Ewa Dec

“The Lymphatic System of the Democratic Metropolis”: Sexuality and Urban Space in New York of the AIDS Era
Aneta Dybska

Made in Sachsenhausen: Recontextualizing and Reappropriating the Reversed Pink Triangle in North American Gay and Lesbian Groups as a Case of Symbolic Theft
Kornelia Kajda i Tomasz Michalik

Producing Homonormative Subjects? The Market Discourse on the Legal Regulation of Same-Sex Partnerships in Poland and Same-Sex Marriage in the United States in 2013
Monika Sznel


Abstracts in English