(Trans)mężczyźni, (trans)kobiety i seksualność.
O społecznym konstruowaniu seksualności w odniesieniu do osób transpłciowych

Anna Kłonkowska

Uniwersytet Gdański



The paper concerns sexual orientation of transgender people and expert discourse strategies of normativisation of sexuality of the mentioned group of people. The paper is based on qualitative analysis of transgender people’s statements concerning their sexual orientation. Basing on the assumptions of social constructionism, author of the paper tries to demonstrate that the common manner of presenting sex, gender and sexuality referring to the binary categories of description and classification (man/woman, heterosexuality/homosexuality, cisgenderism/transgenderism, etc.) is a construct of discourse based on the essentialist concept of sex, gender and sexuality. In accordance to the concept of the tool of power-knowledge (Foucault), this discourse legitimizes a definite idea of social order and supports definite strategies of normativization.