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Tomek B
13 days ago

Julia Fiedorczuk has just declined to review Valle’s piece, saying she doesn’t get it.
Antke will ask Susanne Lummerding and Eva von Redecker.
Tomku S. – didn’t you mention someone, as well, on 26 April? Stanimir Panayotov?

28 days ago

excellent article, definitely ready for reviewing! in case, the reviewers you have in mind are not ready to do it, I would suggest Susanne Lummerding (writing herself on on queer from a Lacanian perspective) or, Eva von Redecker (on the political conclusions of psa thinking)(though, she is very busy at the moment). The article is very well argued, precise and very fast (sometimes a bit too fast) and follows a clear trajectory. I can also see its political motivation and implications running through the text; therefore I agree with Tomek S. that this should, maybe, be reflected in the second part of the title. I was wondering, whether it might be possible, though, to add a few more words on the notion of solidarity (p. 13), and how it finds its way into the article (its connex with love and attachement)(or, maybe, simply as „sociality to-come”? ). I also wonder, whether it is necessary to let „emancipation” (p.15) pop up as just another concept not further considered, or desire (p. 16) The way how Marx and Lacan are connected, or, how the Lacanian reading of Marx is brought into bearing, is most inspiring. It is particularly convincing in the way… Read more »

Tomek B
29 days ago

I agree that this article deserves to be reviewed, though I did get lost at some junctures. I thought of Julia Fiedorczuk as a potential reviewer. She led a seminar on Lacan I know has been reading up on smoking. She is theoretically savvy enough to follow the argument.